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Sterling Bernese Mountain Dogs

I have been a ‘Berner Mom’ since December 2007 when I purchased my first boy, Blade.  My husband and I had been thinking about getting a dog but hadn’t made a decision on the breed.  Growing up, I had a Poodle, Golden Retriever, and a Yellow Lab.  I was heartbroken when I lost my Golden and wasn’t sure I could ever own another Golden.  I had seen the Bernese Mountain Dog at a local dog show and thought they were an awesome, versatile breed.   As luck would have it, I found a classified ad for a local breeder, met with her and her Berner family, and became the proud owner of my first Bernese Mountain Dog.

Since my husband and I already had one Berner, we decided to  add our second boy, Jet in 2009.  I was given the opportunity to show and breed Jet.  I showed Jet several times but felt he was not happy in the show ring.  So, I decided to stop showing him.  We did breed Jet several times and there was one litter of beautiful female pups.

In February 2013, we added Bailey to our Berner family.  Bella is a puppy from Bailey's first litter and Luna is a puppy from Bella's first litter.

I believe that every dog should have some type of formal training.  This helps the dog to learn how to behave and is the best way for you to bond with your dog.